What is Tonglen Healing Practice?

The Practice of Tonglen Healing

In Tibetan Buddhism the practice of Tonglen is a meditative practice in which one visualizes taking in the suffering of oneself and of others on the in-breath, and on the outbreath giving compassion to self and other. It is seen as a training in altruism and compassion.

The maturity of this meditative practice results in the capacity to merge fully, not only with the deep and hidden suffering within yourself with acceptance and love, but also then, the capacity to merge fully with other souls and accept their suffering too in a way that helps transform it into growth and wholeness.

In the Practice of Tonglen Healing, we facilitate the process of deepening one's capacity for a loving internal relationship, by accelerating the client’s capacity to get in touch with and be aware of the suffering of their own soul that is inaccessible to the waking egoic mind because of protective barriers of defense. The defenses that we construct during our development can perhaps be seen as a cocoon for a very vulnerable little soul until it is mature enough to break through, reconnect and fly.

By seeing and experiencing your suffering in the body and consciousness of another, relationship is formed with your own soul’s suffering and you find yourself willing and able to embrace your own suffering and so heal the mind, body, soul splits that result from the natural development of the egoic rational mind, that blocks and defends against the feelings, needs and suffering of the vulnerable young soul.

Charisse Lyons has this capacity to hold your soul’s suffering in her own consciousness and body and help you become aware of and accept your own suffering. In the presence of complete acceptance and love, it becomes natural to allow the barriers to fall and to reconnect to your own Being. This can be the first time that compassion for yourself arises as you watch suffering manifest in her body and re-experience it yourself. She is not, in anyway, being hurt by the experience, even though she experiences the suffering, she knows fully that is not hers. She is a clear vessel, having done all her own shadow work with deep compassion for herself, which is the only way we evolve to this level of consciousness. This is the fullest expression and experience of Tonglen. She will receive your suffering and give compassion and in so doing the client will re-experience the suffering of their young soul fully for the first time, and embrace it with love and so be responsible for their own healing.

Lyndall Johnson will aid and facilitate the process so that the relationship with your own Self, is no longer judgmental, rejecting and self punitive. Aspects of Self that have been repressed, dissociated, or simply not recognized to their full extent will be worked through to integration and wholeness. You will find within yourself that defense falls away and reconnection and healthy relationship to Self is restored.

So, to summarize, Charisse and Lyndall are doing the practice of Tonglen Healing Practice with clients to alleviate the suffering of the soul by bringing the light of consciousness to the dark realms of unawareness. 

Tonglen Healing Practice is an appropriate modality for you if:

  • you have lingering sorrow, pain, fear and shame
  • you find it hard to have compassion for the acting out behaviors of family – or yourself …you cannot resolve conflicts you have with others…
  • you do not know what love is, not sure if you know how to love, want to learn what love is…
  • you are out of touch with your own feelings and needs and find it hard to get beneath the layer of thought and defense in which we have been socialized to live…
  • you know you have unresolved issues, an underlying sense of sadness or heaviness, but find it hard to identify what they are…

It is highly recommended, but not mandatory that you have some knowledge of stages of human development in consciousness and also the states or realms of consciousness that are experienced by humans at various times in their lives. This will greatly facilitate the understanding of the work we are doing. 

Aslan Institute, that is separate from Sacred Service at Aslan Institute, offers regular workshops on the Evolution of Consciousness and also Practices for Self Realization as well as workshops on Midwifing Death that explores before and after death states of consciousness and helps us all learn how to live and die consciously and joyously. Please see the Aslan Institute calendar for further information regarding workshops.