Our Providers

Lyndall Johnson M.A.,L.P.

Lyndall Johnson M.A.,L.P. is the president and founder of the Aslan Institute and Sacred Service at Aslan Institute which is a non profit organization promoting the evolution of consciousness and helping people accelerate their own evolution through the work of Tonglen Healing Practice. She is a Tonglen Practitioner and healer, licensed psychologist, a writer, speaker and facilitator. She has degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of South Africa and a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Pepperdine in California. She has worked with ethnically and culturally diverse communities in creating dialogue, reconciliation and collaboration. She has worked in Africa doing grass roots community development in the areas of physical, social, political and economic development. Lyndall has extensive experience teaching and facilitating spirituality and the evolution of consciousness around the world. She has led many spiritual pilgrimages and retreats, both domestic and abroad.

Charisse Lyons

Charisse Lyons is a co-founder and vice president of Sacred Service at Aslan Institute. After a rewarding thirty-year career as a speech-language therapist, she became aware that her life's purpose was waiting for her. Charisse experiences an awe of the human spirit. She has witnessed limitless strength and resolve in facing the deepest pain and how that leads to the core of one's being, the truth of who we are. Charisse's work can best be described as a soul worker, referring to herself as Tonglen Practitioner and spiritual life coach. She works with clients in building an awareness of unresolved suffering within themselves. In combination with her client, she enters into the suffering and gives it the light needed to work towards healing. This is done in a setting that is comforting and compassionate. Many of her clients experience an acceleration in their inner awareness and ability to self-heal after completing this work. She is honored and grateful for the opportunity to bring this healing to others. She recognizes this work as sacred, and considers all who participate in it to be answering the highest of spiritual callings.

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