Tonglen Compassion Groups

For those clients that have experienced a two hour acceleration session in their own inner work with Sacred Service, we offer continuing services to support and further develop your own awareness into soul consciousness, and compassionate and wise relationship with yourself. We offer Tonglen Compassion Groups once a month for groups, each with 8-12  participants.  

Time:  1 time per month for 3 hours

  • 45 minutes of didactic teaching
  • 30 minutes of meditation
  • 20 minutes of journaling about the meditation experience
  • 75 minutes group processing

Topics and Goals:

We will cover many topics related to:

  • Mindfulness practice and meditation to further the work of bringing what is unaware and blocked to consciousness
  • Understanding blocks and splits in the psyche
  • Deepening compassionate and informed relationship with oneself
  • Relating to others from a place of the heart instead of only the head
  • Healing splits within the psyche
  • Creating wholeness and peace
  • Living from a place of joy and acceptance
  • Deepening your understanding of the spiritual path, stages and states of consciousness

Price:  $100.00 per month, including ongoing opportunity for email questions and answers through the month. Because many of the teachings will refer to the teachings on the Evolution of Consciousness we are also offering the workshops on the Evolution of Consciousness at half price for anyone participating in group. This will greatly facilitate your growth in consciousness.

Please contact us if you are interested in this group.

When I think about the sadness of the people in this world, their sadness becomes mine. Oh, that my priest’s robe were wide enough to gather up all the suffering people in this floating world.
— Ryokan, zen monk
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