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The Tonglen session with Charisse and Lyndall was a very powerful session that shook me to my core. The power of this experience comes from the understanding that it is your soul who speaks to you. It is your own Self, your real Self who speaks to you. It is the feeling you have in your body, the feeling you don’t want to admit you have, the feeling you have suppressed because you thought you should suppress it for whatever reasons. And now you hear it put into words out loud and clearly with 2 witnesses standing there - Charisse and Lyndall - so you can’t pretend you didn’t hear it!
If you allow it - it will force you to hear the truth about yourself. To stop avoiding it. To face it. There was one sentence – and for you that sentence will be different as everyone has different circumstances in their lives – that might have helped change the whole course of my life. That sentence alone was worth the cost of the whole session! That sentence or should I say the result of me hearing it and facing the truth – would have been worth … how much should I say… would not have had a value, it would be the difference between suffering and freedom.
— Review submitted by Client on 1/25/17
I highly recommend Tonglen provided by Sacred Service at Aslan Institute for those individuals seeking an opportunity to heal from the effects of childhood pain in their lives. We all know and suffer from these experiences, but few of us have developed any tools to cope with them.

As I headed home after my weekend Tonglen session, I could finally see myself as a three year-old enduring the most traumatic and personally influential event of my life. Through Charisse, I witnessed the fear and pain again vividly. However, now I can see it in first-person with a sense of safety I haven’t been able to achieve before. This resurrected memory image, one that only I can authenticate, assures me that I have returned to the trailhead of this childhood wound. I am beginning to understand and accept myself now in the light of how deeply this wound was inflicted at such a young age and I can now begin to integrate its meaning across my whole life.

Thank you Charisse and Lyndall for offering the sacred knowledge of Tonglen to me with such love and caring.
— Brad T.
I have, by all measures, had a very successful life. Yet, there was always an underlying pain that drove me and at the same time restricted me. Through prior therapy in my adult years, I learned the source stemmed from my relationship with my mother. The exact nature of the source was not crystal clear to me. I used to explain it as an emotionally limited upbringing in a stoic family.
With open mind and open heart I chose to accept the offering of the Tonglen practice by Lyndall Johnson and Charisse Lyons. I went in with a narrow line of questions. I came out with an experiential awakening to the true source of my childhood pain. The experience brought me compassion for my mother and her pain and it served to erase my confusion and self doubts I was carrying through my life. Of course these things can seem complicated and I was grateful to see it simply and clearly through the lens provided by Charisse. With great appreciation, I highly recommend the Sacred Service at Aslan Institute.
I highly recommend working with Lyndall and Charisse if you want to go deep, get past your defenses and experience being fully present to your suffering in a loving and compassionate way. This process awakens you to your Self, brings what has been split off out of the shadows and into a warm embrace with deep understanding. If you are looking for deep healing and to reclaim aspects of your self that have been unconscious, this process is a true gift. Lyndall and Charisse create a safe space to feel held, supported and deeply seen. I learned how to be more present and loving to myself through this process which has helped me increase my capacity to be more present and loving to my loved ones and the people I work with. I finally learned what it means to be go into hell (dark night of the soul) and find heaven (peace and compassion). This process is not intellectual - it is holistic - it is a fully integrated embodied bodily felt experience that transcends the common defenses and dualities of the ego - it is soulful. Lyndall and Charisse are highly skilled therapeutically and in understanding and working with different states of consciousness and stages of human development. And they are loving and compassionate human beings. The result is that I felt completely seen, loved, and at peace and I felt empowered and free - I finally experienced what it is like to to relate to myself in a compassionate way. What they offer is a true gift for which I am eternally grateful.
— Eloise
Lyndall and Charise took me on a journey to meet my inner self. I have practiced tonglen before, but have never felt so understood as they literally took on my physical, mental and spiritual pain. To have all of that reflected back to me was a gift, as I reconnected with parts of myself that had been abandoned for years. I am sleeping better and feeling more connected, as I continue to practice merging with the infinite inside of me. Thank you for a life-changing practice/experience that you shared with me that did not feel “new age” at all, but felt like it was coming from an old, old place of love and wisdom
— Anonymous Client
Lyndall and Charisse are angels and I have been so privileged to be a part of their work. They were able to connect me with my departed father and “hearing” his voice and being able to understand his pain has answered many questions about our relationship, my childhood, his journey and my healing. The compassion, humor, respect, honesty and trust Lyndall and Charisse showed for me, my father and the experience left me feeling connected, happy and understood. These women have truly changed my life and the genuine love and care they show for each experience is magical.
I have struggled with what to say—particularly since I’m still not sure exactly what happened, aside from an intensely healing experience...
When I visited Sacred Service at Aslan Institute, I was not familiar with the concept of Tonglen. As someone trained in scientific thinking, I was also naturally skeptical. But I had accompanied Aslan on a pilgrimage, and I knew their work. So I decided to pursue a new avenue to deal with an old childhood pain that I had carried into adulthood, one that I had been unable to resolve completely through more traditional therapies. I came away from my Sacred Service experience with a sense of peace and healing that I didn’t expect and still don’t fully understand. I just know that something significant happened, and the old pain is gone. And in its place I am at peace. For me, the session was invaluable.
— Rob
My experience with Lyndall and Charisse is difficult to put into words. I continue to search for even one word that is profound enough to describe this genuinely sacred and life-changing experience. What I CAN do is describe what I felt afterward. I felt a sense of healing that was more powerful than I ever knew was possible. I felt like a heavy veil was lifted from my soul and relieved my pain. What I feel now is freedom – freedom from the dysfunctional chains of the past that were binding me, freedom from mourning what could have been, and freedom of guilt. My particular experience allowed me to take the encrypted pieces of my married life before my husband passed and receive closure through validation and love from a pure and now aware soul. I will take this journey again ─ this time with my father’s soul─ and work to heal my inner child. It is my belief that this form of therapy is the master key to my sense of peace and living the remainder of my life to its fullest.
— S.G.
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— Claire C.
As difficult as it is to adequately describe the work that Sacred Service does and the experience of being part of it, there is no question about the enormous- and realized- potential for deep and profound healing in it. Working with Charisse and Lyndall for two hours is like a year’s worth of therapy, but the work goes far beyond that. The opportunity to touch the psycho-spiritual landscape of the soul this directly is rare and precious beyond normal imagining. We owe it to ourselves and the world to take every opportunity to heal ourselves and this suffering world, and working with Sacred Service is the most powerful possible way I know if of doing exactly this. More than highly recommended, this is essential.
— B.
My experience is hard to put into words and explain. I was able to say goodbye to my mother, to answer her questions that kept her around and to listen to what she needed to say. I was able to feel her presence, her smell, her hands, her hair and the way she held me, just like when I was a kid. In her hands I was able to recognize the scar she had (only I would know how that feels). I felt my mom next to me, and when my eyes were closed my connection was bigger. This liberated me from many years of suffering and pain, nothing could heal my heart. I felt I was carrying something big and my heart was all closed. Now it has opened up. I know now she is at peace, in a peaceful place. She is not suffering anymore and I am not suffering. I feel she is with me all the time. That makes me strong.
— O.A.