Professional Consultation Groups

For clinicians in the helping professions

There is a deep need in our professional lives to be able to authentically and transparently share our own personal struggles and reactions to our clients (counter-transference), in a safe, trusting and welcoming space.  All of us desire to fulfill our deepest longing to be compassionate, wise healers of ourselves, others and the planet and we often feel alone, disconnected, and misunderstood. Our deepest yearnings to be seen, heard, and known are not often met.

Our professional consultation groups create a space where you can feel free to share without judgment, criticism, advice-giving, caretaking, placating or any of the other traps that we can so often fall prey to both in ourselves and others. 

The focus is on your psycho-spiritual development within the context of the teachings on the Evolution of Consciousness, so that you can be a compassionate presence in your life – firstly to yourself and then in relationship to others.

Our approach is three-fold:  Teaching, Meditation and Processing, in alignment with what we know about how the inner evolutionary process in consciousness is accelerated by having an integral mind, body, spirit approach.

FAQs for Tonglen Consultation Groups

What is the format? Groups are closed and are no bigger than 12 professionals or smaller than 6.

What is the duration? 3 hours – 1 x per month for a minimum commitment of 6 months.

What is the cost? $100.00 per session. Teachings are sent out a week ahead of the time of meeting and we provide free teachings in response to email questions in between sessions .

Who can apply? Anyone in the helping and healing professions.

Are there any prerequisites?  Just a genuine desire to grow, become, evolve yourself, and the courage to enter into the realm of the soul’s suffering in yourself and others.

What is Tonglen? Tonglen refers to the Buddhist concept and practice of being present to self and other with compassion – i.e. the willingness to enter into the suffering of self and other with love and acceptance.

Where do the consultations happen? If you have enough clinicians for a group we are happy to travel to your location.

In summary, we offer a Tonglen Healing Practice for professionals in a group consultation setting. The purpose of the monthly sessions are:

  • to deepen your own insight, awareness and capacity for compassion
  • to gain a deeper understanding of the stages of human development and states of consciousness
  • to deal with your own counter-transference issues in a safe environment
  • to have a place to process that is confidential

There is a minimum of 6 professionals for each group. For more information, you can download our form here.

Cost is $100.00 per 3 hour session 1 x per month.

If you or your group is interested please contact us.

When you are compassionate with yourself, you trust in your soul, which you let guide your life. Your soul knows the geography of your destiny better than you do.
— John O’Donohue
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