What Our Pilgrims Say

The natural setting was catalyzing and glorious, the retreatants were dedicated and courageous, and the facilitators were attentive, skilled, and compassionate. Sacred Service retreats are very, very highly recommended.
— Submitted by BL - November of 2018 (Ghost Ranch Retreat)
The pilgrimage to Spain was life-changing - it took my inner work to profoundly deep levels. I now have a much more honest and comprehensive understanding of the ways I am both victim and perpetrator in my own life. I understand how the codependency in my life was generated. And, most importantly, I am able to descend into previously blocked memories and pain in myself and give myself the support and Truth I didn’t receive at the time of the original trauma. I emerged with these new insights and skills through a powerful combination of:
- the initial Tonglen sessions I had
- study and guidance through six months of weekly lessons provided before the pilgrimage
- the generous amount of time scheduled for personal work on my own in Spain
- the expert support and help Lyndall and Charisse provided in group sessions
- the rich mirror provided by the others in my group
This pilgrimage was the best gift I could ever give myself.
— Submitted by CW - April of 2018
Avila Retreat 2018 Testimonial
Having some dedicated time away from the obligations of my work and home life allowed me to delve more deeply into the insights from my Tonglen Therapy sessions. I was able to come up with some creative ideas for giving back the shame and fear my parents energetically infused me with when I was a child so that I am more often able to hear the voice and truth of my soul. Working in Compassion Groups each night of the Retreat helped me to see how my suffering is much like so many others and how our bravery and courage to feel the pain of our suffering allows us to connect with one another. I came away from this Retreat truly understanding that this work of awareness is part of every moment of every day, and I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and will continue to learn about who I am and how, in that awareness, I can be of better service.
— Submitted by KL - April of 2018
Testimonial for my experience in Spain (2018)
It’s difficult to isolate the one most meaningful experience or insight from this
pilgrimage because, for me, it was an integration of the elements, which knitted a
fabric that held us in a safe and supportive space for personal challenge and growth.
Beginning each day with Kundalini yoga got my energy flowing. Daily teaching and
meditation was a pause for reflection. Personal time with Lyndall and Charisse
mined my deeper self. Group processing created profound connections with others,
which encouraged deep sharing in a space where I knew that I was far from alone
and would not be judged. All set in a sacred location, a convent in an old walled city
far from the noise of the world …
I came face-to-face with my Soul, a relationship that I now better understand and
can no longer abandon. That connection will sustain me through lifelong personal
— Submitted by Carol W. - April of 2018