Individual Healing Sessions

For Individuals seeking relief from suffering

Individual sessions with Charisse and Lyndall are powerful experiences in accessing the deeper emotional pain and suffering beneath the surface of the aware thinking mind. The aware thinking mind or egoic mind is largely a protective and defensive barrier that prevents access to the unaware emotional suffering and needs of the soul. 

Charisse sinks deeply in consciousness to the space in which we all inter-be (to use Thich Nhat Hahn's term). At this level of consciousness we are all indeed interconnected and so she is able to merge with the clients soul's consciousness and experience the deep suffering that is no longer accessible to their own surface mind. What she experiences there is not known or predicted at all. This is not a psychic phenomenon but the full embodiment of another's unconscious suffering that can only be discovered through merging fully - or the true meaning of com-passion - i.e. suffering with. The client can then witness and experience their own suffering in her body and emotions. The client's usual experience of this, is one of deep compassion for themselves, and as the barriers of defense fall away, the client finds the split between their surface awareness and deep soul consciousness is healed.  

Charisse is fully present to herself and is simultaneously co-conscious at the multiple levels and states of consciousness and stages of development within the client. The client can then have a conversation with themselves facilitated by Lyndall. With gentle guidance old habits of self judgment, condemnation and rejection are transformed into a loving, accepting relationship between aspects of being within the client who experiences a new sense of wholeness, completion and freedom within themselves. The client is encouraged to fully re-claim their own emotional suffering with compassion. The re-experience of old pain by themselves as loving adults heals the splits in the psyche that have prevented them from living fully engaged, present and loving lives.

We have found that

Individual sessions teach the client:

  1. How to relate to themselves lovingly - not as an idea but as an actual experience

  2. How to resolve old traumas that have been held in the emotional and physical body, but not the defended aware mind, as they are expressed and released within the context of love and acceptance

  3. To learn the process of doing their own inner work quickly, efficiently and gracefully

The normal healing process is often accelerated through these sessions. These sessions are an excellent adjunct resource for clients that are working with their own therapist.  We are desirous of doing the work with clients that have therapists that can be fully included in this process and continue to work with the client in collaboration with what we are doing. This is not necessary, but recommended.


This healing practice is not covered by insurance.

An initial 2 hour session with two professionals is $1,000.00

A sliding fee is available

If you are interested please contact us.

In the depth of winter.
I finally learned that
within me there lay
an invincible summer.
— Albert Camus
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