Who Should Come See Us?

Tonglen Healing Practice seeks to help you alleviate your own suffering through increased awareness and bring you closer to a realization of who you are as a spiritual loving being.

Tonglen Practice is an appropriate modality for healing if:

  • if you have lingering sorrow, pain, fear and shame….
  • you find it hard to have compassion for the acting out behaviors of family – or yourself …you cannot resolve conflicts you have with others…
  • you do not know what love is, not sure if you know how to love, want to learn what love is…
  • you are out of touch with your own feelings and needs and find it hard to get beneath the layer of thought and defense in which we have been socialized to live…
  • you know you have unresolved issues, an underlying sense of sadness or heaviness, but find it hard to identify what they are…

Services We Offer

  • Individual Sessions: A two hour session with Lyndall and Charisse to identify unaware suffering.
  • Tonglen Compassion Groups: Once a month small group meetings for follow up work to Tonglen Healing Practice sessions.
  • Immersives: Intense work for 6 hours a day in a retreat setting for indiduals, couples, or small groups. 
  • Pilgrimages & Retreats: Spiritual work in combination with Tonglen Therapy at identified sites. 
  • Teachings and Workshops: Educational and practical workshops to continue development of compassion toward self and others. 
  • Presentations: Lyndall and Charisse will explain the theory and practice of this powerful practice. 
  • Tonglen Consultation Groups: Therapeutic professionals meet one time per month to develop Tonglen practice to be used for self and in their practice. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment, or have further questions, please review our forms and contact us.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
— Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi