This is Your Country. What Can You Do?

The situation of human abuse and degradation on our southern border is intolerable. I think that all of us are in a state of shock and horror that this could actually be happening.

And it leaves us feeling helpless in all the ways we felt helpless as children when we were at the mercy of “the powers that be,” – our parents, school, church or any other systems to which we belonged. This situation in our country, will bring up the memory states of anger, hurt and shame as well as fear we all had as children. It is particularly hard to bear when the situation is one of complete injustice.

Our first work is to examine deeply what these daily news reports are bringing up in us and be present to our own experience with the Consciousness of Love, that is our truest state of being. Not only can we now, as adults witness the injustices of our childhoods with love, but we can also bring a new understanding and wisdom to the abuses we endured, and tell ourselves the truth of the dynamics that were at play.

The people on the borders are the pawns of a huge parental power play, caught in the middle of a fight that has nothing to do with them. Again, think of the ways in which, as children, you were caught in between your parents’ conflict, unhappiness and unresolved inner issues. How were you a pawn?

Having done this first Great Work of inner integration, we will find that a new level of compassion and wisdom open up us, that will enable to be truly concerned and loving towards all the families that are facing nothing short of the worst kind of evil self interest. It is as if the “powers that be” are giving permission to all the bullies in the world to have a free for all at the expense of the most vulnerable and compromised of humans.

If we do this deep inner work, we will find a new zest, enthusiasm and inner empowerment to find creative ways to deal with the current political situation that is hell bent of gaining more and more power through fear mongering.

And this leaves us with the question of “What can we do?” Not only the first and, most important inner work of integration, through compassion for ourselves, but also externally for others, who are no different to our own condition, and who are all part of the one Body of the Universe.

With our newfound compassion and wisdom for ourselves, can it ripple out to include others who are enduring what we ourselves have endured?

And how?

Sacred Service at Aslan Institute is fully committed to serving those immigrants that are attempting to make a new life in America and, to be a place of hospitality and welcome, help and assistance in any way we can. This is a small contribution, but, we hope, one that ripples and spreads. We have three remarkable Spanish speaking therapists, who extend themselves in every way possible, often taking on the role of being social worker, advocate and coach, in addition to being the therapist to people that have endured immense hardship, and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the situations they have fled, and further Post Traumatic Stress from the abuse they have received at the hands of the American Border Control. Our therapists have themselves struggled with many of the same issues as their clients, first hand.

Our immigrant clients, like most of your immigrant forefathers, are struggling to eke out a living and just survive in a hostile land of foreigners. Despite the myth of this being a country that is welcoming of the stranger and the land of opportunity and freedom, it is simply not the experience of tens of thousands. At Ellis Island recently, we took numerous pictures of the immigrant-ism that has been alive and well since the beginning.

The difficulty of establishing yourself in a new country that is openly hostile to you, while escaping the threat of death in your own country, impregnates every aspect of life. No matter which way you turn, you find yourself stuck and helpless, despairing and desperate. The losses are so very great. You are a realistic victim and you continue to be victimized by the system and people with racist beliefs that justify their inner desire for power.

As an immigrant myself, who could speak English, understood the culture and had every advantage and privilege in resettling myself and my girls, I can testify to the immense difficulty the transition at the emotional, physical, practical, and spiritual levels of my being.

Our Spanish therapists work for very little recompense, as most of the people they serve have no money. We are wanting to subsidize their work in whatever way is possible. Whether this is by donations of food, or money to pay for therapy and assistance, or money for attorney fees that work at helping them become legal citizens, or English language classes or donations to pay for therapy for children or donating free legal services…. Or any other creative way you find arising within yourself. If you feel in any way drawn to assist, please know that your contribution will be deeply valued.

Imagine, if the government said, “Instead of a wall, we will be building hospitals and, schools for children, vocational schools, schools teaching English as a second language and offering services, like therapy clinics, to help people be successful and integrated citizens into this country that welcomes them with open arms. We will be offering classes to Americans to learn how to best be of assistance and understand differences so that we can learn to value and appreciate one another.” 

Can we be those kind of people? Can we at Sacred Service, start a sacred ripple out into our state?

To make a donation go to this link……

Immigrant children crammed into cells… and what next…?

Immigrant children crammed into cells… and what next…?

Or if you do not want to donate to this non-profit, go to Borderless Lullabies and buy the most beautiful album of lullabies for children.  100% of profits go directly to helping border children. It is as always the musicians and artists that lead the way. 

Or find some other way…. but do not do nothing.


“If you are unable to welcome the stranger, then it is because you are a stranger to your own inner condition of suffering. You yourself are an immigrant without a home, in exile from the presence of your own Being. You have erected a wall of defense between your adult self and the wounded, innocent child within, that suffers alone, without understanding or love. And so how could you care about the children at the border?”  ~L. Johnson