The Edge of Growth is Uncomfortable

Seed growing pic.jpg

The innate life force within us, insists on growth. And inherent in growth is death. Consider a seed. If it is to not die, really die, then it must die to being a seed, like an acorn. The outer protection must crack and break and fall away, so that the little sprout that will one day be an oak tree, start to grow. It is no doubt comfortable to remain a seed as long as possible. The work of growth entails pain, suffering and discomfort and many, many mini-deaths to old states of being in the world.

If the acorn were to refuse the inner life force, it would literally die. So we can choose to die, or to DIE, whither, and decay back to the earth. The thing about the acorn is that it does not refuse growth – only some inherent flaw of circumstance of life would stop it from growing…. Like a squirrel eating it. It does not have choice. But we do. We can grow with grace, dignity, acceptance, and courage. Or we can go kicking and screaming, with resistance and refusal, anger and grumbling.

The next time you feel the discomfort of facing a defense that is masking some aspect of you that wishes to grow, see if you can co-operate with the process, instead of impeding it with complaint. Perhaps discomfort can even be cause for celebration, because it brings new life, if we are willing to be awake, aware and accepting, meeting whatever arises, in order to know it – and love it. As Charisse always says, there are no steps to enlightenment. There is only bringing your enlightenment to every moment that arises.’ Meet whatever comes up in you so that you can know it.