During our work in Khayalethu, we often heard client's say that they felt relief following a session. They would say that they felt light inside....free. Lyndall and I watched each one open up to their deep suffering. Very often they had never spoken the words of the trauma in their lives. They had never been given the message that the abuse, rape, and neglect they had endured were not their fault, they did not deserve it, they were beautiful and loving souls...... beings of love. Each one talked about how they had lived in silence, suffering quietly and alone.

To be trusted to enter into the pain of another, to be part of another's healing.....to do this work is the honor of my lifetime. It is a connection that can never be erased. Each person I work with is forever a part of me. Following this connection we both continue to be lifted and supported in Love. It is a blessing I am thankful for everyday. 

It was enormously fun that a camera in hand made everyone's day. They loved to have their picture taken and hid their face in embarrassed excitement when we said we wanted to share their thoughts and ideas on Facebook or our website. Several, wanted to share what the experience was like for them and what impact the therapy made in their lives.  I feel such love for each one. I am so honored to introduce them all to you. 


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