See deeply, there is beauty and holiness

The first drama of the fires has calmed down and now there is just the long term devastating effects to the environment and people’s lives. The wildlife is very hungry as vast tracts of land for foraging is gone. Yesterday as I opened the back door to get the groceries in, a big male baboon and a female with a baby rushed into the villa. He grabbed a packet of rusks, eating them as he ran out. After stealing some food, the mama was too scared to come out from behind the bed and curtains, and we had to have the baboon man come and get her out. He was so gentle and respectful of her that it brought tears to my eyes. We laughed so hard at their antics, but it is really sad - they are starving. People are finding dead baboons that have starved to death because of the fires. So I am glad they got some food. I am putting bird food out too. The department of natural resources is asking everyone to feed the insect eating birds, in particular the fork tailed drongas, because they are swarming bee hives that did not burn up for food and endangering the bee population. We feed them tiny pieces of chopped up cheese or hard boiled egg. The inter-being of all life has never been more apparent and immediate, and the beginnings of what is to come with global warming is sobering. We are deeply aware of the sacredness of all life - the trees, the birds, animals, insects, reptiles and people, and the deep truths of life, that beneath the surface of banality and destruction is constant grace, regeneration, new life and hope. The new green grass sprouting out of the blackened hills has never been more beautiful. Beneath the surface of our own mundane lives, no matter the suffering, if we see deeply, is only beauty and holiness.