Basic needs must be met!

We just discovered that to get a filling in South Africa costs approximately $30.00; getting your teeth cleaned is about $20.00 and that the country is fast becoming a preferred destination for dental tourism. We immediately booked two appointments! 

At the same time we were just overwhelmed by the fact that most of the people we have encountered have never had any dental care because it is way beyond their means. As teeth rot they are extracted. Even young people have few teeth left and the older people we encounter do not have any. The implications for this in terms of nutrition, health and longevity are wide ranging and detrimental. 

While our focus is on internal spiritual and emotional needs it is impossible to ignore the very basic needs of people. It is clear to us that our work is most effective where there are projects that are attending to the basic needs of people at the same time. We are also so very aware of the immense privilege of the first world that can put their emotional and spiritual work into their budget without fear of whether the money for food will last the month till the next meager pay check - one that certainly does not include the possibility of visiting a dentist. We are also aware that many people live with tooth ache and chronic pain until they cannot bear it any longer and have some one pull the tooth out. These are the daily struggles that are not immediately apparent from those looking from the outside in.

A very big thank you to my dentist - Dr. Nancy Holm, for her generous donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste. How wonderful if we could just book appointments for everyone we have worked with to get the necessary dental work done that they need as well. 

The deeper in we go and the more we see the greater the heartache. Please feel free to continue donating to our GoFundMe account. Every $35.00 will provide a filling and we will make sure that we get the person to their appointments.