The Wave

THE WAVE……..Last night I woke to a powerful image. I was thinking about a variety of sporting events I have attended in which the entire group of spectators joins in support of their team and erupts into a loud and joyous WAVE. It is always exciting for me to wait until the WAVE gets to my part of the stands so that I too can stand up, throw my arms up in the air, yell, and joyously celebrate the love we all have for this team. If they are winning…..we celebrate and feel that elation together. If we are losing…..we are willing to suffer the loss together…. the wave of support lets everyone in the arena know that we stand together in our suffering of that loss. We keep the WAVE going to try and rally the team, letting them know they can draw on our strength to keep fighting. We only know a few of the people sitting directly by us……the rest….are strangers. But the bond we feel is unmistakable……our shared experience of loving this team is all we need to join in. Isn’t that beautiful? 

As I thought about this I thought what a glorious formula that could be for life……..all of us banding together to show our love and desire to celebrate or suffer with humanity, with ourselves……not focusing on our differences, or our shortcomings…..but instead seeing that we are a people that share the experience of elation... sometimes, and suffering...other times. That we understand, I mean really KNOW so much about each “stranger" we walk past.….the experience of hope, loss, self-judgement, insecurities, need for love, desires…..on and on and on. If we KNOW this in ourselves, then we also KNOW it in that person. I love the idea that we could use this knowing to join in one glorious and unending WAVE……an unending WAVE where we all stand up, throw our arms in the air, yell, and willingly open ourselves to suffering with, and celebrating the love we have for this team.

Charisse Lyons