Heart Hurts

Thank you for this beautiful poem that was submitted following one of our "Tonglen Consultation Groups for Practioners". It beautifully points out the temptation we all face to give in to our defenses rather than authentically feeling our own pain. It hurts.....yes! Just feel the pain....absolutely! 


Heart hurts

Breathe into the hurt

Feel the pain

It hurts

It hurts


I want to figure it out 

I get lost in thought

     Oh ya...that's what it is

     Oh ya...great insight, remember that

     Oh ya...


My head bobs

I'm falling asleep

The bob wakes me up


Feel the pain in your heart

Just feel the pain

Don't go to fix or story


Be with it

Feel it

Let it be


Hmmm...a rush of warmth

It's hot