We use Tonglen Healing Practice to help you alleviate your own suffering through increased awareness and bring you closer to a realization of who you are as a spiritual loving being.


Our Mission is two-fold. First, to serve the public in services that awaken them to themselves in various ways:  

  • Individual sessions, group sessions, immersion experiences, and pilgrimages
  • Training in workshops and professional consultation groups

Second, we are seeking financial ways to support Tonglen  Healing Practice globally through:

  • Being available for public presentations and teachings about the work we do
  • Donations to help us reach those without financial means

What is Tonglen Healing Practice?

Find out about our Tonglen Healing Practice, our organization, mission, our methods, and what some of our clients have to say.

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Make a Donation

Would you like to help support our work globally? You can become a contributor to our cause.

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International Outreach

Minister to 12 identified sites that represent the most impoverished and marginalized communities in the world. 

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